PTPA Instructional DVD

Our FREE 47-minute Instructional DVD is the result of five years of intense research and development. We have an ONLINE VERSION if you do not own or have access to a DVD player. We used thousands of successfully PTPA potty-trained puppies to help create the latest version of our Instructional DVD. Our system is so unique that it is patent pending. It is virtually impossible for the PTPA to work properly without first viewing and following our THREE levels of training in our Instructional DVD. If you prefer the online version, after you place your PTPA order, simply email us through our Contact Us page and mention your order number in your email. We will then email you a private link to view the Instructional Video online.

This exciting DVD is FREE when you purchase a PTPA. Click here if you would like to purchase the Instructional DVD separately. Below is a small example of what is featured in our latest version of the PTPA Instructional DVD:

Learn about…

How can I assemble the PTPA within a few minutes with no tools required?


Where is the best place in my home to put the PTPA?


What are the safety precautions?


What should I do the first few minutes when introducing my puppy to their new PTPA?


What are the different options of what to do the first night?


What are the THREE levels of training?


How can I teach my puppy to potty on command with the PTPA?


When and how are all three removable doors utilized?


How should I properly position the Adjustable Room Divider?


Is it okay to have food and water in or near the PTPA?


What items are allowed inside the PTPA?


How much freedom should I give my puppy during Level 1 Training?


What is the fastest way to get my puppy through Level 1 Training?


What are the different potty pad strategies?


How often should I change the potty pad?


What is the best way to speak to my puppy?


When should I put my puppy in their PTPA and when should I take them out?


When and how should I use training treats?


How do I use indoor leash supervision?


When do puppies normally have to potty?


How often do puppies potty at certain ages?


What are some rare situations that some dogs may encounter and the simple solutions?


What are the most frequently asked questions from dog owners?


When is the best time to add the optional PTPA Playpen?


When and how do I teach my puppy that it is okay to also potty outside?


What should I do with an older dog that has been potty trained in a different manner?


Why is exercise and playtime important?


What is the IGNORE your puppy technique?


When and how do I reward my puppy for good behavior?


What is the best way to correct my puppy from bad behavior?


How do I correct a dog that urine marks?


How do I address a dog with territorial issues?


What are the three solutions for male dogs that hike one leg when urinating?


How do I correct urination out of excitement?


What are the benefits of puppy stairs?


What should I do if I live in a large multi-story home?

And so much more…

In addition, we offer excellent customer service 7-days-a-week if you ever have any questions. Once again, this is more than just a potty training device, it's a one-of-a-kind potty training system!