What size PTPA should I get for my puppy/dog?
Please click on the PTPA Sizes link above and follow our sizing suggestions. If you need more help, you can call one of our friendly representatives toll free at 1-888-494-4806 (International Customers call +1 949-542-8881) or send us an email at info@modernpuppies.com.

Will the PTPA work for an older dog or an adult dog?
Yes. The PTPA was originally invented and designed for puppies, however, thousands of older dogs have easily adapted to this amazing potty training device and system. We also have some adult dogs featured in our Testimonials section of this site. Just follow our simple tips and techniques in our free Instructional DVD that comes with your PTPA and your adult dog will break their bad potty habits.

How do I view the Instructional Training DVD if I do not have own or have access to a DVD player?
We have an online version. After you place your order, simply email us through our Contact Us page and mention your order number in your email. We will then email you a private link to view the Instructional video online.

Does the PTPA help with incontinence?
Yes. Many older or elderly dogs lack voluntary control over peeing and pooping. They simply cannot “hold it” like they used to when they were younger. The PTPA is perfect because it provides your dog an immediate option to relieve themselves.

Is the PTPA a good device for people that live in an apartment or condominium?
Absolutely. You no longer have to walk flights of stairs or wait for an elevator to let your dog out. The PTPA is the ideal device for dog owners that live in a condominium or an apartment. It can be your dog's permanent indoor bathroom.

Will the PTPA work if I have multiple dogs?
Yes. Multiple dogs are normally trained even faster because they are watching each other potty in the PTPA.

Can two dogs share one PTPA?
If you have two dogs that are used to sleeping together, then one PTPA will work. Keep in mind that you must add the total weight of both dogs to determine which PTPA size is best. If you are getting two new puppies and are unsure they like to sleep together, then we suggest each puppy having their own PTPA.

Will the PTPA help prevent my dog from chewing furniture and household items?
Yes. When you are not able to supervise your puppy/dog, you can leave them in their PTPA for short periods of time. Please make sure you include their favorite chew toy or bone in their bedroom. The PTPA can also help keep your puppy/dog away from dangerous household items, such as poisons and electrical wires.

Is the PTPA available in stores?
Not yet. The PTPA should be in stores nationwide in late 2025. It is currently only available on this website.

What are the other benefits of owning the PTPA?
No more having to let your dog outside when the weather is bad.

No more accidents in your home.

No more waking up in the middle of the night to let your puppy out in the freezing cold and then having to wait countless minutes for them to hopefully go potty.

No more constant supervision to watch for cues that your puppy has to go potty.

No more urine spots ruining your beautiful grass.

No more forcing your puppy to have to painfully "hold it".

No more bothersome phone calls to friends and neighbors to let your dog out to potty while you're gone.

No more having to hire an expensive pet sitter to let your dog out to potty.

No more starving your dog at night and denying them precious water so you can try to predict their potty habits.

No more hiring expensive Pooper Scooper services to clean up the mess in your backyard and they usually never get everything.

No more waking up extra early in the morning to let your puppy out to potty.

No more cheap indoor artificial grass potty mats that your puppy drags around like a big chew toy. Well-known dog trainers suggest smearing poop on the artificial grass mats to attract your dog to potty on them, which is an odor none of us want in our home. Artificial grass mats are virtually impossible to completely clean and usually end up in your trashcan after a few days of stinking up your home.

No more coyotes or other animals hurting your puppy in your backyard.

No more missing the mark on loose potty pads, because the PTPA has four walls around the bathroom that will naturally center your puppy so they never miss their mark.

No more accidentally stepping in poop in your backyard when you have your friends and family over for those backyard barbeques.

As you can see, there are so many benefits in owning the exciting PTPA. Now it's your turn to share with your puppy the product that has revolutionized how modern puppies are potty trained. You and your puppy can relax and enjoy life together thanks to the Potty Training Puppy Apartment!

What is included for FREE with the purchase of a PTPA?
We include for FREE, the 47-minute Instructional DVD, the Adjustable Room Divider, the Black Plastic Pan, one Potty Pad, one sample packet of Training Treats and 7-days-a-week customer service and support. The bed and extra potty pads are sold separately. If you do not own a DVD player, we also offer an online version of our Instructional video.

How much does the PTPA cost and where do I find the PTPA prices on your website?
It depends on which size PTPA is right for your puppy/dog. Please click on the PTPA Sizes link above to first determine which size PTPA is best for your puppy/dog. After that click on the Products link at the top of the page in the menu area.

Why is the bedroom section so small?
Keep in mind that puppies are different than us when it comes to sleeping and pottying. Other potty training methods, such as crate training, instruct dog owners to only have the dogs sleeping space be just large enough so your dog can stretch, stand up and turn around. In fact, many dogs like to curl up when they sleep. Therefore it is extremely important that the bedroom be a perfect fit to your puppy's current size and shape. If you make the bedroom too large your puppy may potty in that extra space in their bedroom. It's a puppy's natural instinct not to potty on their bed and sleeping area. If there is no extra room to potty in their bedroom, they will simply cross over into their bathroom to potty and in turn they are becoming conditioned to learn that their bathroom is the place to go.

How should I explain the successful PTPA system to my breeder?
We currently have hundreds of breeders that support our system and train their own new puppies with the PTPA. Many of those breeders heard about us from their customers who bought and trained their puppy with the PTPA. Their customers were so happy that they strongly recommended that their breeder join our Breeder Program and start referring people to us for potty training. We are confident that your breeder will also support our system after they hear about your success with the PTPA. You may also want to suggest that your breeder view our Testimonials page on this site, which has real people sharing their PTPA experience.

Some breeders are used to the old-fashioned way of potty training. We believe that keeping an open mind to new and better ways of doing things is the wise way to think. Most people have a full-time job and simply cannot let their puppy outside every 1-2 hours, which is how often a new puppy has to potty.

Not only does the PTPA provide your puppy a safe, warm and comfortable environment, it also potty trains your puppy at the same time in a very humane way. In addition, veterinarians strongly recommend keeping your puppy indoors until they have all their vaccinations.

In addition, your dog will easily learn that they have two places to potty, their PTPA and outside. Our 47-minute Instructional DVD explains in detail how your dog will also be able to potty outside. Some dog owners will make the PTPA a permanent indoor bathroom and others will use the PTPA as an alternative bathroom for situations in which they are not able to let their dog outside to potty. The choice is yours thanks to the PTPA!

What is the difference between the PTPA and an old-fashioned dog crate?
There are several notable differences. Since the PTPA is not in the same category as a dog crate, comparing the PTPA to a dog crate is like comparing a car to a bicycle.

1) The PTPA is constructed with extremely high-end, solid, durable materials, including an attractive powder coated finish. With absolutely no tools required to assemble, it easily sets up and folds down. Most dog crates are poorly constructed with very thin/flimsy wires with weak welds and sharp square corners. The PTPA has thick/strong wires with smooth rounded corners for your dog's protection.

2) The outside middle entry door is shifted to the extreme far left, allowing you to strategically place the patent pending ROOM DIVIDER™ in the right spot to make your puppy's bedroom a perfect fit. No other dog crate in the world has the middle door shifted to the extreme far left. Having the middle door shifted to the extreme far left allows you to be able to always open and close the middle door. If the middle door was not shifted to the extreme far left, you would not be able to open or close the middle door at all.

3) The PTPA is a specially designed puppy apartment that has one bedroom and one bathroom. It has three outside entry/exit doors. In addition, all three doors are removable, so when your puppy is fully potty trained they will have easier access to their bathroom. The three removable doors also give you more flexibility as to where you want to place the apartment in your home. Our system will only work properly with three removable doors and the middle door being shifted to the extreme far left.

4) Most dog crates only have one non-removable door and DO NOT include our patent pending ROOM DIVIDER™, which is the key element in making it possible to be used as a potty training device and indoor doggie bathroom. The PTPA is the only type of dog crate in the world that includes the patent pending ROOM DIVIDER™. This special ROOM DIVIDER™ has an opening in the middle section that allows your puppy to conveniently go back and forth from their bedroom and bathroom. No other dog crate in the world has this unique feature, which makes the PTPA a groundbreaking one-of-a-kind product. The ROOM DIVIDER™ can also be adjusted as your puppy grows to make sure their bedroom is always a perfect fit.

5) The PTPA has small rubber rollers attached to the bottom to protect your floor and allows you to easily move it around your home.

6) The PTPA includes a jam-packed 47-minute Instructional DVD. Our Instructional DVD is the result of five years of intense research and development and thousands of successfully potty-trained dogs/puppies. Our system is so unique that it is patent pending. It is virtually impossible to have complete success with the PTPA without first viewing and following our three levels of training in our Instructional DVD. We also offer 7-days-a-week customer service and support if you ever have any questions or need any additional training tips.

Will my puppy/dog fit through the opening in the Adjustable Room Divider?
Yes. The openings in each Adjustable Room Divider were strategically designed to accommodate all breeds of dogs that fall within the weight suggestions we have for each PTPA size. For example, the opening for the Medium PTPA is much larger than the opening for the Small PTPA.

Why will my puppy/dog always go potty in their PTPA instead of other areas in my home?
There are several reasons your puppy chooses to only go in their PTPA. Our uniquely designed potty device actually trains your puppy at an early age that they only have two choices of where to potty at night, which is either in their bedroom or bathroom.

When you first start using your puppy's apartment, you will have them sleep in their bedroom section at night. It's a puppy's natural instinct not to potty on their bed, so when they have to go potty, they will simply cross over into their bathroom and go potty and then return to their bedroom, just like we do.

By having your puppy sleep in their apartment at night, it naturally teaches them to always go potty in their bathroom. After a few weeks of this ritual, your puppy becomes conditioned to always go potty in their bathroom. Also, our custom fit potty pads have a special attractant that encourages your puppy to potty on them. They also have an odor neutralizer that will keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Most importantly, we have several training tips and techniques in our 47-minute Instructional DVD that will help ensure that your puppy always goes potty in their bathroom. This groundbreaking device will only work properly if you view and follow our tips and techniques in our Instructional DVD that is free with your PTPA. This is more than just a potty training device; it's a one-of-kind potty training system!

How long will it take to potty train my puppy/dog?
The PTPA has potty-trained puppies/dogs as fast as a few days, however, the average is a few weeks. Each puppy/dog is unique and so are dog owners. The more committed you are as a dog owner, the faster you will see results. Also, certain breeds of puppies/dogs are easier to potty train than others. Please keep in mind, that other potty training methods usually take 2-6 months and are a lot of work and very frustrating. In addition, those other methods require you to become a bathroom monitor for rest of your dog's life, always having to worry about when it's time for your dog to potty. The PTPA provides you more freedom as a dog owner and takes away all the stress from you and your dog.

Can my puppy/dog potty outside after being trained with the PTPA?
Yes. Your dog will easily learn that they have two places to potty, their PTPA and outside. Our 47-minute Instructional DVD explains in detail how your dog will also be able to potty outside. Some dog owners will make the PTPA a permanent indoor bathroom and others will use the PTPA as an alternative bathroom for situations in which they are not able to let their dog outside to potty. The choice is yours.

We have a short video in our Videos link above showing Ace and Zena going potty outside. They are the two stars of our main Home Page video. They both still use their PTPA every day, however, whenever they go on walks they simply potty outside.

How is the PTPA system and device different than crate training?
Before the PTPA was invented, crate training was considered by many dog experts to be the most effective and popular way to potty train your puppy or dog. One of the big downsides to crate training is that it forces your puppy to have to painfully "hold it" all night long. This is virtually impossible to do since most puppies potty every 2-3 hours. Therefore, your puppy has no choice but to potty in their sleeping area, which is a very uncomfortable sleeping experience for anyone. In addition, it is very unhealthy for a dog to have to "hold it" too long. The PTPA is a very humane way to potty train your dog.

With the PTPA, the bedroom section has the same benefits and functions as crate training; however, our patent pending ADJUSTABLE ROOM DIVIDER™ allows your puppy to relieve themselves in their bathroom section of their apartment. At the same time, your puppy is naturally being potty trained and becomes conditioned to always potty in their bathroom. If you are going to invest your money in a crate, why not buy the PTPA. The PTPA offers all the benefits of a crate, with so many more advantages.

Will the PTPA work with my male dog that hikes one leg when urinating?
Absolutely! In our Instructional DVD, we provide three solutions that work for every male dog that hikes one leg when urinating, no matter how high they hike their leg.

If you have a male puppy/dog that hikes their leg, we suggest purchasing PTPA Potty Pads that are the normal size for your PTPA. Two of our solutions in our Instructional DVD allow you to use the normal size PTPA Potty Pads.

Paper training, artificial grass training, potty pad training, and bug-filled grass sod mats NEVER work for male dogs that hike their leg.

Can I travel with my PTPA?
Yes. You can either fold it down and carry it like a suitcase or keep it assembled and put it in your car for long road trips. Also, most hotels require your dog to be in a crate or a PTPA to prevent damage to hotel furniture and rugs.

Is the PTPA a good device for my elderly dog?
Yes. Your elderly dog will quickly learn that they have a new potty option that is much easier. Just follow our tips and techniques in our Instructional DVD and your elderly dog will be using their new PTPA in no time.

How long will it take to receive my PTPA and other products?
Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Shipping Policy link for detailed shipping times. You can also click on Products, then click on Rush Processing for faster shipping and estimated delivery times.

Do you ship Internationally?
Yes. We currently ship to customers throughout the World.

We are based in the United States and all products are shipped from our warehouse in California. As you may know, shipping Internationally costs more than shipping within the United States. We show your total shipping charges during the Checkout process and try our best to keep the shipping price reasonable. Unfortunately, we have no control over what UPS charges for shipping. In many cases, we actually lose money on shipping just to try and keep your total cost affordable.

Our toll free phone number only works in the United States. If you need to call us and you live outside the United States, please call us at +1 949-542-8880. Emailing us at info@modernpuppies.com is normally an easier way for International customers to contact us.